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 11/15/2011 04:20 PM

Next Level Coach, Inc.
A company specializing in over 40 years in
structural Bus redesign and  major Bus chassis repair.
Over  many years we have been building our Specialty coaches
along with MCI upgrade packages for MCI 9 and MCI 102 Motor Coaches.

You've seen Bus accidents  where the front end had to be repaired or replaced...

We literally remove the older style front end from the Bus
Piece by piece we replace it with the new Prevost XLII Front end
....All parts are new and directly from Prevost, no aftermarket parts anywhere,..

" Not a kit ...A remanufactured Prevost XLII front end  ..

Prevost XL models  to the new Prevost XL II Look.  

Prevost XL to the newer XL II

See our famous newly manufactured MCI rear clip extensions
40' to 45' in 30 days...


MCI 9 Upgraded to MCI "E" Model


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